Jon Hyslop

Senior Lecturer in Social Work

I consider myself a social worker in the broadest sense, in which 'social work' is a collective enterprise involving a broad range of professions, 'unqualified' staff and volunteers, and people who need social support to lead rich and fulfilled lives. To some extent this is a reflection of my working life up to this point.

Before training as a social worker in the early 1990s, I worked in a number of non-professional roles in psychiatric hospitals and volunteer settings. After qualifying, I worked predominantly in the voluntary sector, with organisations such as Oxfordshire Mind, the National Schizophrenia Fellowship (now Rethink) and the Revolving Doors Agency. In the 2000s I managed a local charity that helped people experiencing mental distress to take control of their lives. It’s been my experience that most people affected by long-term illness and disability have the desire and ability to solve their own problems. Much of my work is about supporting this process.

My main work role shifted from front-line practice to research in 1997, then to management in 2001, and then into teaching from 2010. Throughout this period I have remained in front-line practice to some extent, currently through the social enterprise Community Glue which I helped to found. My current role in the social work team involves teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate modules, as well as supporting students in practice learning ('on placement').

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Registered Social Worker with the Health and Care Professions Council SW28304



  • U48800 - Human Growth & Development 1 (module leader)
  • U48803 - Legal Aspects of Health & Social Care (module leader)
  • U48804 - Social Policy (module leader)
  • U48821 - Social Work with Adults (module leader)
  • U48823 - Social Work and Mental Health (co-teacher)


  • U43720 - Partnerships 2: Developing Effective Working Practices (co-teacher)
  • U44124 - Facilitating Workplace Learning (co-teacher)


  • P40301 - The Policy and Law Context of Social Care (module leader)
  • P40303 - Theory, Assessment and Intervention with Adults (module leader).
  • P40308 - Skill Development & Professional Communication (module leader).
  • P40304/9 - Social Work Practice 1
  • P40305/10 - Social Work Practice 2

Teaching/Research Interests (see full research profile)

Having registered as a research student in February 2014, I am in the process of researching the ways in which peer support networks can help people using personal budgets to plan their own care and support. This links closely with my teaching interests (see above) but also with my work with Community Glue, a small local community organisation I helped to found in 2010.

My professional background is in mental health, and I retain a strong interest in this and related fields (including drug and alcohol work, youth work, offending and housing/homelessness). I am interested in the broader policy strands that underpin developments in these fields, both in the UK and internationally.

In 2015-16 I will teach mainly into modules relating to social policy and social work. This is an exciting but also difficult time to be a social worker, with major legislative changes (the Care Act 2014 and the Children and Families Act 2014), ongoing cuts to health and social care services, and the collapse of the College of Social Work.

Previously, I have carried out research relating to ‘user-involvement’ in mental health services and in health and social care research.

Selected Publications

Chapters in Books

  • Jon Hyslop (2004) Consultant Author for Open University module The Business of Madness in Unit K272 Challenging Ideas in Mental Health (Course Chair Dr. Jeanette Henderson).
  • Ann Jackson & John Hyslop (2003) User Empowerment and User Involvement in Mental Health Research in James Dooher & Richard Byrt (Eds.) Empowerment and the Health Service User Vol. 2, Quay Books, Wiltshire pp. 35-50
  • Jon Hyslop & Ann Jackson (2002) From Consumer to Citizen in Peter Bates (Ed.) Working For Inclusion, Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, London, pp. 37-43.

Peer Reviewed Papers

  • Jon Hyslop & Elizabeth Winder (2004) Independent Complaints Advocacy Services: a voice for people in mental distress outside psychiatry? Mental Health Practice, Vol. 8 No. 2 pp.12-16
  • Paul Lelliott, Ann Beevor, Gary Hogman, Judith Lathlean, Jon Hyslop & Martin Ward (2003) Carers' and Users' Expectations of Services (CUES_C): a new instrument to support the assessment of carers of people with a severe mental illness Journal of Mental Health, Vol. 12 No.2, pp. 143-152
  • William Finn & Jon Hyslop (2000) Tackling the Revolving Doors Problem: the evaluation of a voluntary sector service initiative Mental Health Research Review, No. 7, pp. 24-27
  • Paul Lelliott, Ann Beevor, Gary Hogman, Judith Lathlean, Jon Hyslop & Martin Ward (1999) Carers' and Users' Expectations of Services (CUES_U): a new instrument to measure the experiences of mental health service users British Journal of Psychiatry, vol. 179 p.67-72

Research Reports

  • Keith Birnie, Jon Hyslop & Sian Lockwood (2014) Personal Budgets: Where Next in Oxfordshire? (PDF) Commissioned by HealthWatch Oxfordshire.
  • Jon Hyslop (2001) In and Out: people with mental health problems on short sentences and remand, Revolving Doors Agency, London.
  • William Finn, Jon Hyslop & Crispin Truman (2000) Mental Health, Multiple Needs & The Police Revolving Doors Agency, London
  • Paul Lelliott, Ann Beevor, Gary Hogman, Judith Lathlean, Jon Hyslop and Martin Ward (1999) The CUES Project: The Final Report to the Department of Health, R. C. Psych., London


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